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  Foremost Farms USA_SheffiedTMBio-Science Cooperant Friend

Serving clients worldwide,Foremost Farms USA is a major excipient supplier to the growing pharmaceutical industry.Foremost Farms USA customize pharmaceutical-grade lactose specific to customer's directives and will help you find excipient solutions to production roadblocks.Foremost Farms USA and SheffieldTM Pharma Ingredients have a stratergic alliance for lactose marking.SheffieldTM manages the sales,marketing and distribution of Foremost Farmas's line of pharmaceutical grade lactose.
Plant constructed in 1965 in Rothschild WI.Inspected by FDA,State of Wisconsin,AIB and numerous customers.Operates according to GMP's.Kosher & Halal certified Animal Rennet Free Raw Materials.
Lactose is a disaccharide of glucose and galactose from the whey fraction of bovine milk.In addition,the lactose disaccharide also has the ability to form two stable isomers known as alpha-lactose and beta-lactose,with crystalline alpha being the most stable and widely used.Foremost Farms USA offers two types on Monohydrate lactose,crystalline alpha and spray dried,which is an optimal mixture of crystalline alpha and amorphous.

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