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  Giovanni Randi S.P.A.Products Overview and Applications
Giovanni Randi S.P.A
The Randi Group was founded in the late'60s and rapidly establishaed itself in the production and trade of tartaric products,both nation-and world-wide,thus becoming a leader of this field.Randi's products are all of natural origin since they are extracted from residues and by-products of the wine industry.His production and refining process carried out in the factories originate from a very ancient tradition of wine residue processing,properly upgraded on the quality-quantity level by using modern and continuously updated instruments and extraction techniques.
The Quality Control
In the latest ten years the Randi Group has invested in the study and development of a self-controlling system in the production processes of the different plants,a systematic method evaluating all safety and dietary aspects,from raw materials to the product,thus assuring a production of healthy food additives in compliance with all law regulations and contract specifications.
Nature L(+)Tartaric Acid
Nature L(+)Tartaric Acid is a white or almost white,crystalline powder or colourless crystals,very soluble in water,freely soluble in alcohol.MP is 168-170℃.No GMO Product.The current name as below,L-2-3-Dihydroxybutanedioic Acid,or d-α,β-Dihydroxysucinic Acid,or Dextrorotation Tartaric Acid.
Prodcut Standard
Nature L(+)Tartaric Acid not only complies with all the current pharmacopoeia but also is included in the list of the food additives established by the European Union under the code E334.And it passed HACCP Certification.
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