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Cognis Nutrition and Health Products Overivew and Applications

Cogins offers premium quality solutions to match all needs of specialty chemicals and nutritional ingredients.for Nutrition & Health business Cognis is a wold-leader in the production of natural vitamin E,natural carotenoids,lutein esters,plant sterol and conjugated linoleic acid etc.He also has been successful in developing a significant nmuber of naturally derived products that are used as buliding blocks,excipients and drug delivery agents by the pharmaceutical industy.Cognis targeted portfolio ranges from functional food ingredients to concepts fordietary supplements,functional food and pharmaceutical products.
Cognis's PharmaLineTM Procuts have a lot of Key Benefits like,Analysis according to EP and/or USP/NF performed on each batch;Manufacturing according to IPEC-PQG GMP guideline;Kosher certificate;US Drug Master Files(Type IV)available.

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