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Xuhuacheng Group was founded on May 21st 1931. The headquarter is located in Tokyo in Japan. Through the innovation of science, it makes efforts to contribute to human life and lives.
The total sales income can be 10 trillion dollars and it based on chemical and materials science to provide innovative plans for textile, chemicals, daily products, houses, buildings, electronics and pharmaceutical in various fields and wide market. On October 1st in 2003, all the management departments integrated into seven core companies. On April 1st in 2007, the seven core companies integrated into 6 core companies. Each company is a single unit; they are professional in different fields. Asahi Kasei as the mother company of the group is in charge of the whole management of the whole group.
Xuhuacheng chemicals is the core management enterprise of Xuhuacheng Group relative to chemicals. The company started to produce commercial compressed ammonium from 1923. The production arts and products innovation greatly promoted the development and enlarging in many field of the group. The company is the leading place in products quality and performance of chemicals. Among them, the Microcrystalline cellulose (Ceolus™)can be leading level in Japan. It has been widely used all over the world. It is specially suitable for excipient (Ceolus™ KG) in the pharmaceutical production. It can make the products smaller.

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