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  Peter-Greven Stearate Products Overview and Applications

The Foundation and Diversification
In 1923,Peter Greven established the "soap and glycerine factory".At first main emphasis was put on the soda,laundry soap and washing powder production.With only a few members of staff Peter Greven already then laid the foundations for the positive development of the company to the current market position.In 1956 the production of metal soaps was started,for which completely new technologies had to be developed.On 2nd November 1956,the subsidiary company "Chemische Fabrik Iversheim"was founde which specialized in the production of dispenser dosable products for skin cleansing.Until today these products are offered on the market under the name"IVRAXO".
The New Millennium
In 2000 GREVEN took over a manufacturing plant in Venlo(NL),its business is led by the subsidiary PETER GREVEN NEDERLAND.This manufacturing plant,which is situated near the German-Dutch border,exclusively produces vegetable based metal soaps.In the same year the subsidiary"Chemische Fabrik Iversheim"was renamed in PETER GREVEN HAUTSCHUTZ.
Present and Future
Today,after more than 80 years,the development of new business in Europe and Overseas is one of our priority objectivs therefore we permanently invest into new technologies,new products and training of our staff members.
The Quality Management
Peter Greven Nederland C.V.manufacture their products according Good Manufacturing Practice as described in the IPEC GMP guide for bulk pharmaceutical excipients.The hygiene standard applicable for the production of excipients and food ingredients as regulated by local and EU regulations are carefully observed.All the material for use in food,drugs and medical application are not manufactured of fatty acid of animal origin but only fatty acid of 100% vegetable origin is used.Like the vegetable magnesium stearate of a high purity manufactured by a special process.The product meets all the current pharmacopoeia.The validated process of manufacturing of the stearate guarantees constant physical properties of the final product when used in the production of tablets.This particularly applies to the hardness of the tablets and the speed of release of the included addivives.
Liga Calciumstearate CPR-2-V PH.EUR       

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