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  CRODA Purity Excipients & Lipid Actives for Pharmaceuticals

Croda Health Care
Croda Health Care is a long-established supplier of high purity ingredients to the pharmaceutical industry with divisions throughout Europe,the Americas,Asia,Australasia and Africa.Our strong portfolio of products is designed to enhance the bioacailability,delivery and efficacy of a variety of topical,oral and parent eral pharmaceuticals.Ingredients range from monographed excipients and solubilisers to pharmaceutical lipid actives,and find widespread use in a number of health care applications including:
1.Drug delivery-high purity lipids,esters and vegetable able oil excipients maximise drug solubility,stability and efficacy
—emollient therapy with MedilanTM ,ultra pure medical-grade lanolins,manufactured to GMP standards for wound management and the treatment of eczema,psoriasis and other skin diseases
—broad range of compendial surfactants and emulsifiers which can enhance formulation stability,efficacy and aesthetics and ensure effective delivery of actives to target sites
3.Diseases management-ultra high purity essential fatty acid concentrates including EPA,DHA and GLA offer proven clinical benefits for a wide range of disease states including cardiovascular disorders and inflammatory conditions
4.Clinical nutrition-medium chain triglycerides,ultra high purity essential fatty acid concentrates and hydrolysed proteins provide essential nutrients for optimised patient care
5.Aanimal health care-functional excipients to enhance the delivery and efficacy of actives in topical,oral and parenteral dosage forms.   

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